Branding Session vs. Headshots: Know which one is right for you?

So, what’s the big deal about about branding sessions and headshots? The truth of the matter is many of the people looking for headshots just might benefit from other types of images. In those cases, I would highly recommend considering an alternative, some might say a more all-encompassing approach, that goes beyond your simple headshots. This is why I felt the need to create a post that take an in-depth look at the options available. Besides, as a professional photographer in Peoria, I can help determine your best options for branding yourself or your business.

Let’s take a look at what these two options have in common and look at what makes them just as unique as you and your business. In the end, we will be able to determine which option (Branding vs. Headshots) fits YOU best.

What is a Personal Branding Session?

Personal Branding Sessions tell YOUR story. These sessions are all-encompassing photoshoots designed specifically around you, the entrepreneur, or your business. During these sessions we capture an inside look at a wide variety of aspects about your business. That might include details images of your products or branded materials. It could also include things we would see around your business. We will capture some candid images of what it looks like from the client perspective to interact with your business. Of course, headshots are also included in these sessions perfect for business cards, websites, and other marketing materials.

Most importantly, these sessions are each as unique as YOU and your business. No two personal branding sessions look alike.

Branding Session for Make-Up Artist

During our planning process, I’ll take a look at what images you’ll need to for all the places you intend to use them. For example, the photo you use in your newsletter is most likely not the same image you’ll need for a press release, a social media post, or even that big billboard. We will also determine what images you don’t need.

It’s truly all about telling your brand’s story. These images should be a visual representation of you and your brand/business. Each image should also work with the next so that ALL of your marketing regardless of platform tells the same story and is recognizable to your audience as YOU. To do this, I will typically use a combination of lifestyle images, posed images, and those more candid moments.

Who is a Headshot Session really for?

There are countless reasons one might need a headshot. Headshots are not only for business owners, executives, and leaders. They’re for any person who needs a headshot on their business card and/or email signature. It might be for a press release or a bio on their company’s website.

Headshots for my clients have made their way onto college scholarship applications, magazine features, press releases, blogs, websites, social media, newspaper articles, brochures, and SO much more. A traditional headshot typically refers to an closeup image of your face and shoulders. A lot has changed over the years! Headshots now offer more flexibility giving our headshot sessions a lot more variety of options. While we still include that traditional image, we will also often include full length portraits and other options based on your needs.

Which session is best for you?

I’ve found the best was to answer this question is based on your response to three items.

  1. Do you need a handful of images (headshots), or do you need 30 or more images for your marketing (telling your story)?
  2. Do you need a collection of details, candids, headshots, and more (story) or are you looking for just a portrait or two (headshots)?
  3. Will you need 2 hours or more for your session (story), or would 20-90 minutes be more reasonable (headshots)?

Still not sure? No problem! I can take the guessing out of scenario. After a quick chat, I’ll be able to tell you the best route for your business needs and if hiring a professional photographer in Peoria is the best route to take.

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