Top 3 Tips For Choosing A Frame For Your Family Photos

If you’ve been around M3 Creative Portraits for long, you know that we focus on the providing you with a complete product that arrives ready to hang. That includes the gorgeous frame that takes your family portrait to the next level. Now, we know that not all of our blog readers have experienced our signature service… yet. So, it is very likely that you have flash drives and CD’s scattered around your house in random drawers that are filled with digital photos. Your computer has a few saved and tucked away safely. Heck, even your phone has some epic images that would really complete that home office.

Most people tend to put off hanging their favorite photos simply because they aren’t sure of what frame is best to show off these memories. We’ve got a few tips to aid you selecting that perfect frame.

1. Consider the image you are framing.

Everything from the colors in the image to the sentiment behind the image are important and you want to choose a frame that will complete the smaller details of the image. Images that are vibrant and colorful can be best paired with a neutral frame to balance it out. Other color prints can be paired with a colored frame that brings out one of the colors in the image. Black and white images can look elegant in a light oak frame. 

In the example below, the portrait is paired with an elegant dark wood frame embellished with a gold inlay, to enhance the ‘nature’ feel of the portrait. 

2. Consider the room and décor where your portrait will live.

The room where you anticipate hanging your photo should also be considered. You want to make sure the frame you choose coordinates with the rest of the décor , color scheme, and style of the room. You want the photos to accent the room décor and not just stand out as a distraction.

In the example below, we chose a similar wood to the bench and bookshelf in the room. Because the photos was taken on one of our local trails, it also helps to tie in the wooden outdoorsy feeling already in the room.

3. Quality of the frame matters.

Here is one of our trade secrets… frames play a much more vital role than simply decorating a room. They also protect the image.

A high-quality frame will protect the image from a number of outside elements like moisture, light, and dirt. In fact, a custom built frame, will fit the image perfectly giving it support and structure to last a lifetime. It’s one of the big reasons we recommend using a professional framer rather than purchase an off-the-shelf frame. Especially for those images that you want to truly preserve and enjoy for a lifetime.

At M3 Creative Portraits, we not only walk you through the frame selection process, but we also use only the best framing products in the industry.

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