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So, what’s the big deal about about branding sessions and headshots? The truth of the matter is many of the people looking for headshots just might benefit from other types of images. In those cases, I would highly recommend considering an alternative, some might say a more all-encompassing approach, that goes beyond your simple headshots. […]

Ever heard a stereotype that was so outlandish that you just have to laugh at how ridiculous it sounds. I’m sure a lot of people feel that way about some of the old wives tales so many people talk about. (As women, we hear a lot of them during pregnancy… you know the ones.) Recently, […]

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” – Wizard of Oz I might not be a wizard but I thought I’d give you a rare look behind the curtain. One of the things I am so proud of at M3 Creative is the stellar red carpet service we offer to our clients. Between […]

As a professional photographer, some of the most common questions I get from the community surrounds the price tag on photography services and prints. Just for a few minutes, I ask you to consider the view from behind the lens. Yes, you experience is 100% my priority but for a just a few moments, let’s […]

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