Why Yearly Professional Photos of Your Child are Important

Moments are special… and you know that. You’ve got the maternity photos. You treasure the beautiful newborn portraits hanging in the hall. Then there was his sitter session at 6-months old. It’s right next to that fun and adorable portrait from your little one’s 1 year old cake smash. But, what’s next?

As a mom myself, I saw how the physical growth after age 1 seemed to slow down. But, there were so many other little and almost quiet changes that happened from day to day.

There are so many noticeable changes and developments over the next few years: getting taller, losing those first teeth, outgrowing clothes and shoes faster than you can buy them. But it’s the changes that you don’t see that one day will catch you off guard. One day you’ll suddenly realize how much more they are starting to look like a little person. A teenage. And, inevitably… even a young adult.

That’s what brings us to our list of reasons to use a professional photographer throughout your child’s life.

Reason #1: Photos for you now, Memories for them later

At my grandmother’s house, photographs line her dining room area and living room. Picture frames hold images of her own children, her grandchildren, and now her great-grandchildren.

Each frame is like a little window holding an opportunity to look back into one of life’s memories. Every time I visit wit her, I am still intrigued to look through the portraits on display and see the many changes from year to year. Some years more extreme leaps and changes are seen while other years it’s almost un-noticeable.

It’s so interesting to watch even myself go from young wavy-haired little girl to the big, curly hair of the 80’s, to the grown up looking high schooler and then to my wedding photos.

I’d say almost all families have lots of candid photos and home videos hidden away in drawers or on their cell phone. Those are wonderful memories that should be held close.

Even with all those candid memories, it is important for your child to have a professional photo session annually. The professional portraits are the types of photos that will allow you to really see the distinct and unique changes and growth in your child from year to year. While they may not be appreciative of it at the time – especially in those awkward years – your kids will someday look back on those development years and be fascinated by the differences and changes made in just 12 months’ time.

Having professional photos done yearly is an investment in the memories that you have of your child as well as the memories that your child will someday have of his or her “growing up years”.

Many of these photos will be taken in a time that is appreciated most by us, as parents, being able to see the precious moments. One day, these photos will become so incredibly valued by your children as they show their children what Mommy and Daddy were like when they were young.

Reason #2: Celebrate Life’s Moments and Milestones

Kids grow up fast and though they are small now, it won’t be long before they are off to college. Celebrating the little moments in between are not only important to keep those memories alive but it also shows your child how much you value these moments.

Looking back on special moments from my childhood, there was always an active photographer at our most treasured events. It was one of the signs that the moment we were living in was important. So, whether it is a birthday party, piano recital or that high school graduation, don’t forget to keep those memories forever in photograph.

Family members move away. A job opportunity takes your child across the country. They meet that one special person and a wedding is in the near future. Life events happen no matter what. This is all the more reason to get those professional portraits made now.

Reason #3: Life Happens

As much as we would love to be able to keep all of our loved ones close, life happens… and when it does, we are often left with only memories and photographs. As you can imagine, it makes that annual trip to the professional photographer that much more important.

I could tell you stories from my clients about how they’ve treasured portraits after a loved one passes from this life, but I go through these moments also.

When my husband and I were married, we were missing 2 very important men from our families: his father and my grandfather.

The wedding would have been so different if they had both been there to experience it. Instead, we honored their presence with portraits on display of both men as we remembered them. Family members told stories and expressed how they felt our loved ones would have been celebrating with us.

Don’t miss out on the annual visit to the professional photographer. You won’t regret it.

At M3 Creative Portraits, we believe in making portraits that share in your personal family story and personality. As your child grows that may change from the adorable outdoor poses to something a bit more strategic and planned out. Either way you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed while we allow you and your family to simply be yourself. We take care of the rest! Schedule a Consultation with us today.

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