Fall Family Portraits | Donovan Park | Peoria

Wowzers! Life moves so fast these days! When I first met the Richardson family, I was introduced to a pretty amazing family. As I learned more and more about them, I knew they were special. When they won a gift certificate for being active in our private Facebook group, I was super excited.

I’ve photographed the oldest child a couple of times now for our couture child sessions. Each time she was a gem to work with and always had so much fun putting together her princess images. The family session with her mom and little brother were no exception… and did I mention how much she has grown!?

While spending time getting to know this sweet family, I am always reminded of how beautiful motherhood is. I realize that I have several friends who have tried desperately to find that title. Some have to choose other routes like adoption or hard medical experiences to get there. I am also reminded that family is so much more than the genes that we share with our blood relatives.

The love shared between this mom and daughter is one you catch very quickly. Both looking out for the other in their own little ways… and little brother will soon grown into the defender of the family. I have no doubt.

No matter what life hands us. What do we choose to do with it? Do we choose joy? Do we choose love? I’m sure even in the lowest of times if we truly looked at what is in front of us, we could find something to be joyful about, something to love, and something to be grateful for.

As we find ourselves that much closer to Thanksgiving, I wonder what you all might be thankful for this year.

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