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Birthday cake! Yum!! What’s your favorite flavor birthday cake? The standard vanilla? Chocolate? Marble? Or maybe something unique just to you?

I’m currently helping to plan my grandmother’s 90th Birthday celebration. 90 years of life experience! She has seen a lot in this life. She raised 2 children. Watched 7 grandchildren grow, become young adults, and some got married. Now, she has been blessed with several great grandchildren to love on.

The stories she can tell are fascinating! Stories about life as a child during the Great Depression. The struggles that came with it. Stories about how family always stuck together no matter what.

Stories of friendships that kindled into young love. A young love that at first not everyone was completely supportive of because of their ages. Stories of how Grandpa swept her off her feet.

That doesn’t even begin to include the stories of my mother and uncle growing up. Like the time my mom backed out of the garage without putting the garage door up. (oops!). Or how about the time my uncle lit the garage on fire trying to get rid of the ants…. darn sleep walking!

Peoria Child Photography by M3 Creative

But what I love most is how she uses photos to recall those memories and help tell those stories. Enter her home and there are photos EVERYWHERE! The first time my husband visited with her at her home she already had a photo of us in a frame and on display. My husband was so amazed by this because he had never experienced that kind of affection from a grandparent before. He was written in to her story the day he became my Mr.

My two children love flipping through the photos at Grandma’s house. All the familiar faces and the stories of unfamiliar ones. The sight of my two kids sitting with my grandmother and talking about our family history just gives me goosebumps!

I hope to be in her shoes one day. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren swarmed around photo albums and framed images. Telling them about the time my son learned to ride his bike for the first time. Or how he came home from kindergarten smitten after kissing a girl on his first day of school. Or perhaps it will be the stories of my daughter prancing around in her princess dress doing ballet and singing at the top of her lungs.

So many adventures still to be experienced. So many photos still to be taken. Will you have photos to show your great grandchildren?

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