Pro Tips for Building a Gorgeous Photo Gallery Wall

Ideas for creating a photo wall in your home.

Even though storing digital files has become the norm these days, there really isn’t anything quite like displaying those beautiful photos of your family around the home. A gallery wall creates a focal point in the home but in order to get that perfect end result, we need to put some planning into work from the beginning.

Choosing Your Wall

When you walk into a room, what is the first wall you look at? Does it already have photos hanging there? The perfect spot for a photo wall is typically the first wall you see when walking into a room. This creates a gallery wall that is the main focus of the room. In a living room, this space could be directly above a fireplace mantle or the wall over the sofa.

If you prefer something a little more subtle, look for an area in the room that doesn’t have any décor or a space where regular artwork might not work. Often these areas are found next to a stairway or even a narrow wall used to divide two rooms.

Choosing a Layout

There are countless photo wall layouts that you can use to build your gallery.  Pinterest offers tons of inspiration. If you are working with a professional photographer for your photo session, consult with them about the best layout for your room. Many professional photographers, like M3 Creative, offer complimentary design services with their portrait session experience.

For example, at M3 Creative, we include the design of your wall gallery in your Proofing and Ordering Appointment. We have you send us photos of the walls in your home where you anticipate hanging your family artwork. Those images go into our studio software where we can show you what your images will look like on that wall with the appropriate size for that wall and even in the same frame your images will go in.

Doing this one your own? No problem! The best thing to do once you have your heart set on a specific layout is to cut out the shapes of your frames and use masking tape to create a mock layout on your wall. You might find that you need to switch a few of the frames around or re-look at the design completely. Keep in mind that when photos are being place in frames, the frame will add to the space taken up on the while by the hanging portrait.

Choosing Your Frames & Photos

Most designers would suggest that neutral colors work the best when designing your photo gallery but sometimes adding a pop of color in-between the frames also looks amazing. You might prefer to choose frames in one color then opt for different sizes and styles to change things up a bit. Placing an antique frame in-between your more modern frames gives the wall a unique touch. If you decide to use different colors and styles of frames then try printing your photos in black and white. Remember, your photos should always be the focal point.

A photo gallery in your home is a great alternative to traditional décor and wall art so take the time to make it special. Be sure to give your photographer information on what type of wall gallery you are looking for and even insight into your space through a photograph of the wall. When in doubt, call a professional. M3 Creative also offers design services for those who would like help creating the wall gallery regardless of where the images came from.

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